From Lyrical Press

He stepped down from the carriage, and lifted her into his arms. As he carried her into the townhouse, she reached up and pulled the black top hat off his head. She ran her fingers through his soft, blond hair. Her hand tingled. She settled back in his arms, pressing her body against his chest, and she rested her head against his neck and shoulder. His uneven breathing blew warm against her cheek. She let out a long sigh of pleasure, feeling safe and loved, cradled in his arms. Once he entered his bedroom, he gently laid her on, what he called a “Marseilles quilt from Provençe.”

His masculine scent, musky yet mellow, made her want to purr. Shifting into a seated position on the quilt, she peered into his eyes, the shimmering blue of faience pottery. “What you have been telling me is true? I am thousands of years and miles from Djeba. If I traveled there now, from France to Egypt, I would not find my temple. There was no France when I served as priestess.”

“Oui, it is all true. I cannot give you your life. The Egypt of the pharaohs has been gone for centuries. Destroyed long ago.”

“The artifacts and the hieroglyphs you and Jean François decipher, and I are all that is left?” Heaviness settled on her, a deep sadness. She was the only person alive from her time. Everyone she had ever known, even her way of life, was gone.

“Oui. If there was any way I could send you back, I would.”

“Ricard, right now, I want to be with you.” She stood and slid her arms around the soft fabric of his frock coat and the hard muscles of his chest and shoulders bunched beneath it. Basking in the warmth of his firm body, she no longer felt alone. “Kiss me.”

He moved his mouth over hers. At the touch of his lips, she felt heady. He forced her mouth open with the thrust of his tongue and flicking in and out of her mouth, he set her aflame.

He eased his lips off hers to whisper, “I want you.”

The pressure of urgent need coiled in her. “Take me,” she begged in a breathy voice, her heart beating erratically.

She slipped her fingers up to the open collar of his navy coat and peeled it off him. She grabbed his cravat and unraveled it. Nimbly, her fingers ran down his shirt, loosening each button.